The Dreamer

I’m often invigorated by my inner visions and sensations of bliss-filled realities. Many of my visions are quite vivid. I feel blessed and filled with wonderment, child-like. Yes, I am a dreamer, and I am happy to be one! Dreaming comes naturally to me. I’ve dreamed wonderful things into being. But, if I can dream of such wonderment, why is it not present when I’ve awakened from my dreaming? Was my beautiful dream a mirage? Am I a freak of nature? In moments of self-doubt, I question the value of being a dreamer.

After some consideration, I asked myself: What is the dreamer’s role in human society? As soon as I asked that question, the following came to me: The dreamer is a place-holder for the promise of a new world yet to be fulfilled. The dreamer also carries a burden. The dreamer’s burden is the practice of patience while simultaneously observing human advancement along the curve of the acceleration of human Self-Awareness as a creator.

When the dreamer senses the perfect moment along this curve, the dreamer then places the memory of the dream’s fulfillment, like a pebble into a bucket of water, into the minds of those available to facilitate it’s building. As the dream becomes actual to more people, a critical mass of dream builders accumulates in the population. In this way the dreamer learns humility. The dreamer takes no credit for the dream. The dreamer is simply a vehicle through which dreams pass from the BlueSpace, where everything already exists, into physical form.

If the dream already exists in this BlueSpace and a dreamer offers its vehicle for the dream to pass then, What determines the readiness of humankind to receive the dream?

I’ve learned that this curve measures the collective vibrational rate of the human collective, the degree to which people have become Self-Aware of their Union with All That Is. As Self-Awareness advances to match the vibrational rate of the dream of peace, so shall peace pass from the BlueSpace through the dreamers and into the hearts and minds of the people of the world who will marvel. Oh! Now I remember what it looks like and feels like.

Who out there is preparing to match and receive the peace of a million years of dreaming?



Recently, I found myself standing at yet another threshold. A passion to be stronger, more masterfull with my life, more loving, open to new experiences has brought me here. Having stood here many times before, I recognize that the prerequisite to my crossing over, always the same, is the purging of old thoughts and feelings from my psyche and my heart. The next phase of my Soul’s Journey begs unfolding. I’ve learned to trust that my Soul is working through me toward fulfillment of its desired destiny. To cross these thresholds requires me to be empty each time to become a new vessle to be filled. I must be unencumbered by my past, outmoded beliefs and stagnant energies, prepared to receive the beauty and bounty held in my Soul’s Design for the next phase of this incarnation. As I pass through this opening, I’m prepared to execute my Soul’s Design, to play my part in service to the fulfillment of the peace promised by a million years of dreaming.


My Dearest Feminine,

Do you remember when the Masculine expressed its Loving Essence along with yours without measure?

I promise you, the Masculine is trying to remember its Loving Essence.

Otherwise this pain I would not feel.

But It’s been eons since the Masculine knew its own true nature.

The Masculine has pretended to be separate from you for so long.

Remembering is more challenging than the Masculine anticipated since at first we planned.

But without this pretense of our separateness, the celebration of our reunion could not be.

And duality would be sustained.

This pretense is now concluding, the illusion having lived out to its fullest.

Signs of our reunion do appear in collapsing structures built on this false pretense.

Look no further for the proof.

Yet your continued patience with the Masculine’s remembering is requested.

Those with open hearts shall read the signs.

The Masculine once again shall be your co-creative partner, equals, yet distinct in roles.

When the Loving Essence is recalled, the Masculine once again shall love and honor you without condition or measure.

And equals in creation we shall be, once again.

In loving memory of Jayn Stewart,  embodiment of the Divine Feminine and initiator of my remembering who trusted me to complete my remembering to touch the hearts of other men the world around. Even in your passing from the physical, you inspire my creativity. Love and Blessings, Me Too


A deep longing within my Soul calls for new adventures.

External escapes to far away places are not yet right for me.

After inner turbulence, I need to explore the peace of all that is in my Soul’s Design.    

Dear heart of mine, take me to where I can dance to the beat of love’s song again.

Dear breath of mine, take me to where I can feast on melodies of love’s song again.

Dear mind of mine, take me to doors that open to the mysterious worlds within me.

Once I’ve summoned courage to look within my Soul, there is excitement waiting there.

On this plane, I always discover that my inner world is so rich.

These travels inward bring new ideas, insights, and deeper meaning to my life.

Dear ONE, may I be so blessed to share the beauty of these adventures with others.

Join me if you dare!


Accepting what I see and hear at face value can be challenging for me. However, I can generally accept what is rather than rebel against it. That was the old me. I do tend to want to dig deeper into the symbolism and bigger picture that underlies human experiences. I find the symbolism in stories fascinating. That’s because I was born curious and perhaps a bit skeptical about the physical world being presented as the only reality. I have this inner knowing that other dimensions exist. Consequently, I’ve learned to indulge, sometimes overly, my tendency to question everything about the world of form. However, I do appreciate my experiences in the physical. And, I make it my practice to ask questions more than making proclamations about so called absolute truths in a world where the opposite is also true. The subjective nature of human existence on Earth means that it’s always in flux, new in some way. Frankly, I like it that way.

I find the experience of changeability to be enlivening because I know that my physicality is derived from an adventurous Soul who engages the new. So, questions have become more valuable to me than answers. This has me be more alert and curious. Questions helps me be more self-aware so I’m always discovering new things about myself. And knowing myself helps me to know others, which has me be more compassionate. Whatever the nature of my inquiries, I enjoy being surprised by explanations that lead to deeper questions and their inherent symbolism. Each question leads me to a new chapter in my life’s story. I’m acutely aware that a new chapter is just beginning to be written.

At transitions between old and new chapters, challenges seem to find me. And challenges always lead me to more questions. I’ve learned that the answers I seek lie inherently within my questions. In that systemic way of thinking, answers are pretty simple to come by. That’s why questions are as important to me as answers. I no longer spend time preparing myself for meet the challenges by turning to new chapters. Now, I enjoy ‘winging it’. I’ve befriended spontaneity. It deepens my love of self-exploration. I find that exciting which has me look, think, feel, and act younger than my years.

I’ve become more flexible and better able to find expansive and inclusive perspectives about life’s events. I welcome experiences that change my mind and open my heart. That way I can rise to meet the changeable external circumstances I encounter. Because I am eager to know more about myself,  I enjoy my life more when I am asking questions. In fact, I’m treasuring life because I see the world in an entirely new light each day. My constant queries serve to remind me how little I do know. And it’s my relationship with my Soul, the part of me that exists in a non-physical dimension that helps me the most. This relationship provides me with access to what I call The BlueSpace. It’s the place where all the answers and solutions already exist. Knowing this, I’m free to ask any question.


For the last month my inner senses have called to me announcing the opening of a whole new chapter in my life. At times I have felt drained by the losses I’ve incurred during the long previous chapter. Waves of self-doubt have passed through me. Who Am I now since the exit of those I have loved and who have loved me?  I have felt empty and weak during such questioning.

Then, without warning another wave hits me broadside. It’s a wave of self-assuredness. Surfing this wave, I am willing to take risks to step out of my comfort zone. I feel ready for a new adventure. Bring it on, Universe! I’ve survived and even succeeded at everything you’ve thrown at me so far. On the other side of this risk, I  grow stronger yet. Do not mistake my self-confidence for arrogance. I’m well aware that I am in a co-creative partnership with my Soul. It is during challenging times that I feel most attuned to the rhythms of the Universe.

I find myself feeling grateful for my ability to surf both these waves whether they lead to victory or not. I cannot fail when I am able to acknowledge that I did my best to surf with the current of the impending future that calls to me. No matter the outcome, surfing these waves is demanding physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It’s a balancing act! However, it’s my awareness and application of the Laws of the Universe that permits me to ride these waves skillfully, no matter the challenge or result.

At times my risk-taking doesn’t pay off as I had anticipated. After these times, I retreat into self-reflection where great wisdom can be found.  Whatever the adversity, I know that I am being offered an opportunity to expand beyond my perceived limitations. This is the hero’s journey where overcoming challenges and rising to the occasion is the purpose of every test. Stepping beyond the known and comfortable into the unknown, I gain more self-confidence to continue moving forward on my journey.

I’ve learned that the human journey is at least in part about learning that self-doubt and self-confidence are two sides of the same wave.  Riding these waves with grace, dignity, and the love of dear friends as witnesses to my journey is how I become Master of my own life.