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About: Albert C. Moore

Background: My childhood love affair with storytelling was reignited when I’d conduct dramatic readings of Where the Wild Things Are while watching over and sometimes refereeing the nighttime bathing rituals of my two young sons. They are both wonderful grown men now. So at this point I feel compelled to share stories from my extraordinary life, hoping others will garner some benefit from them.

Expertise: In  1992 my life was shaken to its roots. I was drawn onto The Road Less Traveled, the never ending Road inward to knowing my true self. This journey has proven to be more rigorous and challenging, yet more rewarding than any course of study or endeavor I’ve ever undertaken.  Its demands are relentless. It has required me to surrender most of my ego’s treasured beliefs about myself, others and the world. Once this Road is embarked upon, attempts to return to an unconscious life where the ego’s conditioned reactions dominate our behavior can be perilous.

Like young Max in Where The Wild Things Are, I too met many strange and unusual, yet wise, wild and wooly characters. This Road has taken me to far off places to study with masters of the principles and mechanics governing everyone and everything in the universe. Along the way I’ve learned a few things about life, but I claim no special status from having taken this Road. Most importantly, I learned that being different does not separate me, diminish or elevate me from others, as I had believed in my unconscious state. I’ve learned that we are each unique in our own way, contributing to the advancement of the whole human tribe, the Earth and the greater cosmos.

This Blog: I write to share stories of my trials, triumphs and lessons learned along this Road. Readers can expect posts on the 1st and 15th of each month during 2016. I hope to support all who are willing to search, first for peace within themselves, and then, be peace and radiate it in the world. I also hope my posts expand the reader’s tool box  for consciously living a happy, healthy, wealthy and wise life.

Links: https://www.facebook.com/acmsf

Writing and Editing Coach: Jayn Stewart – jaynstewart1@gmail.com

Contact Information: albertcmoore@gmail.com, Phone: 505-310-2089

Available For : presentations, speaking, discussions and consultations



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  1. I’m loving your blog, thanks to Harriette forwarding it. I’m signed up now. “Illusions” points to some serious truth, and thanks for shining a light on my own illusions of separation.


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