For the last month my inner senses have called to me announcing the opening of a whole new chapter in my life. At times I have felt drained by the losses I’ve incurred during the long previous chapter. Waves of self-doubt have passed through me. Who Am I now since the exit of those I have loved and who have loved me?  I have felt empty and weak during such questioning.

Then, without warning another wave hits me broadside. It’s a wave of self-assuredness. Surfing this wave, I am willing to take risks to step out of my comfort zone. I feel ready for a new adventure. Bring it on, Universe! I’ve survived and even succeeded at everything you’ve thrown at me so far. On the other side of this risk, I  grow stronger yet. Do not mistake my self-confidence for arrogance. I’m well aware that I am in a co-creative partnership with my Soul. It is during challenging times that I feel most attuned to the rhythms of the Universe.

I find myself feeling grateful for my ability to surf both these waves whether they lead to victory or not. I cannot fail when I am able to acknowledge that I did my best to surf with the current of the impending future that calls to me. No matter the outcome, surfing these waves is demanding physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It’s a balancing act! However, it’s my awareness and application of the Laws of the Universe that permits me to ride these waves skillfully, no matter the challenge or result.

At times my risk-taking doesn’t pay off as I had anticipated. After these times, I retreat into self-reflection where great wisdom can be found.  Whatever the adversity, I know that I am being offered an opportunity to expand beyond my perceived limitations. This is the hero’s journey where overcoming challenges and rising to the occasion is the purpose of every test. Stepping beyond the known and comfortable into the unknown, I gain more self-confidence to continue moving forward on my journey.

I’ve learned that the human journey is at least in part about learning that self-doubt and self-confidence are two sides of the same wave.  Riding these waves with grace, dignity, and the love of dear friends as witnesses to my journey is how I become Master of my own life. 


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