Be the architect of your life, an alchemist of self-change through self-mastery

(12) 90-minute sessions for courageous and bold individuals and organizations willing to look within to discover and express the unique genius of their Soul’s Design

Everything changes when we realize we have a Soul, the non-physical part of us.  Our Soul experiences the freedom found in unifying with all things. It remembers the Divine nature of humanity. Our Soul Designs our human lives to bring Divinity into form. Communicating with our Soul, we learn It is guiding us to mature beyond our fearful human experiences by remembering our unity with all. Then, we open to our Soul’s Original Way Of Being. Expressing this unique quality of love, we integrate with our true Self, where we too are free, loving ourselves and radiating love to all we encounter and endeavor.                                                                                            


Albert Moore
facilitates the
Mentoring Program of
Of The Soul’s Design
Albert is a systems thinker,
and life-long student
of the creative process




When we encounter challenges in health, relationship, career, or finance, it can indicate that our Soul is asking us to let go of ego’s need to dominate our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It’s easy to seek fixes outwardly, but sustainable solutions are only found within. This mentoring program is culled from many ancient wisdom traditions as well as personal experiences relevant to today. Learn skills to help you solve any problem. Gain mastery over any perceived limitation. Feeling whole, you are healthy, your relationships thrive, and your career is fulfilling. Your life is abundant and satisfying.

Email albertcmoore@gmail.com with AOTSD MENTORING in the subject line


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