Being lost, the first step in finding my true Self

Finding the gates to the ancient city of Tiahuanacu locked with me inside turned out to be the perfect metaphor for my life in January of ‘92. 

At nearly forty-three, I’d finally found the courage to run away from home. As a young boy, I’d toyed with the idea many times but settled for just dreaming about it while hiding out from the world in my bunk bed. I so enjoyed my mother’s southern cooking, especially her fried chicken and pecan pies that satisfied my sweet tooth.

Sam considered my running away to be abandonment. “You son-of-a-bitch, you’ll go off to find yourself, become the man I knew you could be and leave me with two screaming kids!” My own home felt an unsafe place for self-discovery. One night she’d thrown all my books on the subject out the living room window into the snow-covered courtyard six stories below. I saw my journey as a desperate act of self-preservation. I felt compelled to discover who or what it was inside me that summoned me to “Know Thyself.” 

The abortion we’d endured together in ’88 had driven me deeply inward. A friend introduced me to the local Thai Buddhist Center where the head monk read my palm and hesitantly alluded to the big challenges that lay ahead of me. That same friend introduced me to a “self-improvement program.” Taking their classes acted like eating sugar. I wanted more, more, more. Hungry for more sweetness of “self-knowing,” I was introduced to shamanism and a world of mysteries, metaphors and fire ceremonies by another friend. We thought what better way to discover more about ourselves than doing sacred rituals in Pre-Columbian archaeological sites in western Bolivia near Lake Titicaca? The native people on the Island of the Sun graciously shared their traditions with our small band of gringos. They showed us how to honor Mother Earth and Father Sky and shared the secrets of their lake with us. Sleeping in the Cave of the Moon produced prophetically profound dreams. 

Strangely, I didn’t panic when I found myself locked inside the remnants of this ancient Andean City. Current-day Tiahuanacu is surrounded by a ten foot tall chain link fence crowned with rolls of razor wire. It was unscalable without significant bodily damage. Mine was already hurting from a cracked head earlier that day. Our bus driver slammed on the brakes at the very moment I was standing in the isle searching through my backpack in the rack above. I fell to the floor and slid 20 feet to the front of the bus and cracked my head on the gearshift. BAM! That hurt like hell and I was left dazed for hours! I’d already been introduced to the idea that my external experiences reflected my thoughts and beliefs. What the hell had I been thinking? The universe has all kinds of tricks to make certain that we wake up from our illusions of separation to receive it’s true blessings.   

Dusk was quickly turning into night. The stars were fading from my view under a fast approaching canopy of low thick clouds from which a fine mist fell. The temperature dropped. Then a steady rain began. Soon I was drenched. The soil beneath my feet turned to pasty mud. Which way do I go to meet up with my traveling companions? An inner voice said, “Head left from the gate.” Running my fingers along the fence, I paid equal attention to the contours of the ground beneath my feet.  After walking about a mile, I felt a depression in the ground. I managed to lift the chainlink just enough to squeeze myself under it. Finally, I was free but completely blind in a deepest darkness I’d ever experienced. Relying solely on my intuition, I heard “go straight ahead.” Now trudging through shin deep mud for at least another mile, my feet suddenly detected gravel. A road? 

Again, which way do I go? Logic told me to head right since I’d walked left from the gate. The rain became heavier. So did my down jacket, now completely waterlogged. Somewhere along the way, I was overcome by a perfect moment of clarity. Absolutely nothing in my life mattered. My family, my architecture business, my car, my summer home in the Berkshires no longer mattered. All my attachments dissolved instantaneously. I’ve never felt so free as in that moment. But then, the freezing cold brought me back into an abrupt awareness that I still occupied a human body on Earth. That’s when I saw a light about a mile or so off in the distance. Guided by that light and the crunch of the gravel beneath my feet, I headed in that direction. An hour later I was wearing dry clothes, sitting in front of a blazing fire in a small hut with a cup of hot coca leaf tea, telling my fellow traveling companions about what had happened. 

“Experiences like yours are to be expected when you embark on this journey inward,” our shamanic studies leader remarked. The next thirty years would test me in every way imaginable. But with my trusty shamanic allies of metaphor and intuition, I knew that night, I could endure anything.

I now regularly practice asking myself: What thought, feeling and action patterns have locked me into limiting perceptions of myself?



My Dearest Feminine,

Do you remember when the Masculine expressed its Loving Essence along with yours without measure?

I promise you, the Masculine is trying to remember its Loving Essence.

Otherwise this pain I would not feel.

But It’s been eons since the Masculine knew its own true nature.

The Masculine has pretended to be separate from you for so long.

Remembering is more challenging than the Masculine anticipated since at first we planned.

But without this pretense of our separateness, the celebration of our reunion could not be.

And duality would be sustained.

This pretense is now concluding, the illusion having lived out to its fullest.

Signs of our reunion do appear in collapsing structures built on this false pretense.

Look no further for the proof.

Yet your continued patience with the Masculine’s remembering is requested.

Those with open hearts shall read the signs.

The Masculine once again shall be your co-creative partner, equals, yet distinct in roles.

When the Loving Essence is recalled, the Masculine once again shall love and honor you without condition or measure.

And equals in creation we shall be, once again.

In loving memory of Jayn Stewart,  embodiment of the Divine Feminine and initiator of my remembering who trusted me to complete my remembering to touch the hearts of other men the world around. Even in your passing from the physical, you inspire my creativity. Love and Blessings, Me Too


What if identities as gay or non-binary are calling into question the human consensus agreement that gender divisions by roles are the only truth? 

What if every human inherently possesses the qualities of both masculine — knowledge and action and feminine — creativity and nurturing?

What if every issue humanity faces originates from our insistence that only one gender is capable of resolving our myriad issues?

What if those humans identifying as gay or non-binary are harbingers of our inherent Oneness?

What if those resisting our Oneness are actually the universe’s way of working through us to bring about greater understanding of all points of view which leads us to the resolutions we seek?

Then, I’d ask:

What if: That which we resist, persists?

What if we loved so deeply that the endless diversity of creation flourished on Earth, rendering the limitations of judgment obsolete?

What if the first step in resolving our issues is accepting and balancing both genders within us?

What might the Earth we all share be like, if both genders within us are free to be expressed, whether you show up in a masculine or feminine form?

Sometimes the status quo of blind consensus needs a shaking up for people to remember Oneness. 


Calling her Saint Jayn was so much fun.

Ours could be a wonderfully playful relationship.

Getting a rise out of her was just one of the fun things we shared. It was a real hoot watching her stomp her feet on the kitchen floor and wag her finger at me. 

“Don’t you call me that, you, you… you rascal!”  

We’d burst out laughing then acknowledge our soulful bond with an embrace that ended with a long loving stare into each others eyes, without words saying to each other, I see the real you.

There were many who thought sainthood was befitting of her.  She was so loving, thoughtful, and kind, a beautiful contrast to my tendencies. 

Daily, she mimicked the butterflies and bees, pollinating each of her many projects lightly. In contrast, I was often hyper-focused and intensely diligent about completing my projects one at a time. At the end of a day, she’d still have energy. I’d be exhausted.   

To return my teasing, she’d call me Felix, the name she’d given to what she’d dubbed my evil twin. When she called me Felix, I knew she was in a playful mood. I’d let Felix out of his cage to play with her and her alone.

Our twenty-eight years together in all its varied forms had been peppered with frequent episodes of the sillinesses that only honest love displays.

I was well aware that she too had a wild side but she restrained it quite effectively. Her Kentuckian sense of polite properness kept her wild side bridled. Her outlet for stepping out of sainthood was playing uncharacteristic parts in her community theater. It satisfied her itch to escape the jail of properness for a while.

As I prepare myself to say my final good byes, I am imagining her prancing around the ethers planning her next life as a wild woman, unabashedly free to spontaneously express herself at any time. I have a strong sense that she’s having lots of fun now that she’s dropped her form. But, in this lifetime her sweet Cancerian ways had completely won over my Piscean heart.  

I sure hope we meet again in that lifetime. I’d love to romp with her again. We could raise a ruckus together!  


At one time I held a rather rigid expectation that my life would proceed along a straight and narrow road that would lead me to what common measure considers success in relationship, in business, and in material existence. Laughable conveys only a tiny fraction of my current sentiments regarding this expectation. During a recent period  reviewing my life, I’ve come to value and appreciate the many twists and turns my life has actually taken.

Central to my deviating from the straight and narrow road, has been that of the contraries I’ve encountered along my life path. At first, I naively attempted to convince those with thoughts, feelings and actions contrary to my own that they were headed down a slippery slope. Well, making others wrong didn’t go so well for me. It separated me from others. Later, my years of self-imposed hermitage revealed that my life’s underlying intention and purpose is to assist people in remembering their unity with all that is and the huge benefits to be reaped. 

I’ve begun to see and understand the value of contraries. Contrasts to my own thinking present me with opportunities to hear others at deep levels. In hearing others, my heart opens to them. I feel a deeper sense of compassion for them and then for myself. When I give up attempting to convince others of my rightness, a beautiful peace enters me at a cellular level. I am able to honor myself as well as the other and their life’s path. No matter how divergent our life paths, we are inherently connected by and to the one Source we all share. 

From my self-study, I no longer fight to change the world. I’ve begun to embody Neruda’s statement. “Changing the world is an inside job.” This practice has paid many dividends in all aspects of my life. Best of all, my creativity has blossomed, not just artistically but also in my relations with others. From the crooked road my life has taken I’ve learned that contraries provide the fuel for the advancement of remembering our union with each other, with the Earth and her creatures and with the Creator of all that is.

Until my next blog, I leave you with this:

Consider the relevancy of this thought from Albert Camus, slightly tweaked by me.

“Blessed are the hearts (and minds) that can bend; they shall never be broken.”  


Albert Moore is the author of Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. Through in-person and online consultations, he facilitates the course called, Adventures In Self-Mastery. He shares practices forhearing and trusting your Soul’s more comprehensive understanding. Al is also an inspiring speaker. Contact Albert:


Creativity is my passion. No, not the artwork I enjoy. I’m talking about the ability to imagine and bring into form, the experiences I desire. If you have a mind and a beating heart, you’re constantly creating. But are you doing so consciously? I consciously exercise my creative capacities daily. However, on this occasion, I’d been feeling out of touch with them. My life was feeling routinized. Routines do help me be self-disciplined. But, too much routine stifles my creative capacities. When I recognize this is happening, it’s my signal to apply one of my practices to free up my creative capacities. To spark them, I either: 

  1. Do nothing for a while, take a break from making things happen
  2. Do something or go somewhere I’ve never done or been, OR
  3. Do my routine backwards or randomly

This time, I applied number 3. For many years I’ve benefited from practicing Kripalu Yoga asanas in a particular sequence, as I’d learned. So, I reversed the sequence and voila! All kinds of new creative ideas began flowing into my awareness. More importantly, my intuitive voice said, “Once again, you’ve been over-using your masculine attributes to make the changes you desire. Striving as you do, indicates that you don’t trust the Universe to know about and when to deliver your desires.” 

Then, I heard this suggestion, “After you’ve had an idea, hold it steady in your mind as being complete then, sit back and consciously apply the feminine attribute of ALLOWING your desires to unfold organically. This demonstrates to the Universe that you trust that It knows the experiences your Soul has designed for your life as well as the timing to bring them into form. Balancing both genders within you sends a signal to the Universe that you are ready to receive your desired experiences. So, Chill Out! You just might see that balance leads you to your true, more consistent creative power.”


Historically, I’ve established goals then, set out determined to make them happen. If the square peg doesn’t fit in the round hole, Im known to get a bigger hammer and pound that sucker into submission. I’ve imposed my WILL to defeat all perceived obstacles. My mother dubbed me to be “a bull in a china closet” for that reason. This attitude doesn’t work so well for me anymore. Forcing things to happen is a sign of distrust, a form of separating myself from the Source of All That is.

Striving came early to me. I was born with webbed hands similar to a duck’s feet. Three surgeries had my hands and fingers be more functional. Then at six, I was told by a male authority figure that I couldn’t do something because of my deformed hands. My response was: Watch me…followed by expletives! Striving to prove others wrong about me became my primary modus operandi. I became an architect to prove the world wrong about me. To make matters more challenging, I was endowed with vision. I see things well before they happen. Striving to prove my value to others becomes exaggerated when impatience is thrown into the mix.


I know my human self to be the physical vehicle of my eternal Soul. Through me, my Soul expands by experiencing that which It is NOT, separate from anything. Struggle and impatience support the fulfillment of my Soul’s Design to experience anger and frustration. Whereas, my Soul’s true nature is tenderness and compassion. After decades of experiencing these contrasts, I realized that they can be used as my allies, reminders that my Soul creates through tenderness and compassion to manifest Its Design for my life with ease and grace. As I’ve practiced communicating with my Soul, I’ve begun feeling a union building within me. My human body, mind, heart and my eternal Soul are acting together now. It’s joyful! Now we are a team of co-creative allies. As I invite my Soul to play a conscious role in creating my desires, I am creating more unifying experiences. Creating becomes consistent, fluid, easier, a pleasure. I am whole when Soul and physicality are aching as ONE.


I’ve begun to think of Earth as host to a game Souls play to temporarily forget who they are as ambassadors of Light, Love, and Creation. Experiencing limitations like struggle and impatience is inherent to this game of pretending to be separate. When I’m able to surrender my striving tendencies, my mind, my emotions, and all the cells of my body open, ALLOWING me to create and receive my desires in physical form. My striving is on hold, at least for the moment that is, until my Soul chooses to forget again.      


Albert C. Moore is a mentor, artist, and writer, author of: Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul, a story exploring the idea that our Souls establish a Design for our lives and following it leads us to a New Earth. It’s available for purchase at: Al facilitates the program, Adventures In Self-Mastery. Inquire at or 505.310.2089.  Read more of Albert’s stories at:  


Mastery is a minute by minute life practice rather than a goal or an achievement. There is no diploma or certificate for Self-Mastery. No matter what occurs in the master’s surroundings he/she remains calmly stable, knowing wholeness within. Although, every master walks their own path, masters share a common commitment: 

To practice living consciously aware of their thoughts, feelings, and actings in support of Oneness with all that is.  Masters are not concerned with or for the separations that others experience, believe in, and/or espouse to be true. Masters never preach or attempt to convert others to mastery. The practicing master lives in a state of transcending his/her experiences in the illusions of separation in order to deepen his/her remembrance of Oneness.  Masters offer their lives as examples.

The master understands that there is really nothing to master. They know that they are being guided by their Soul in each moment. Masters have developed keen Self-Awareness for this guidance and summons it at will. Masters have no need to control anything or anyone. The master applies universal principles to nurture, shape and guide intuitively inspired ideas and visions from the ethers into physical form.

Masters have aligned with and embodied their Essence, the qualities of love, inherent to their Soul. Tenderness and compassion are examples of the Essence with which I personally identify and express daily toward myself and others. In addition, masters understand and align with their Soul’s Design for their lives. This Design is a personal masterplan for their human life. These Designs often include experiences in the illusions of separation such as believing oneself to be a victim, or mistrust for example, as well as myriad other ways to experience separation.  Masters use these experiences, systemically, to lead them to remembering their Union with all that is. 


Consider that Soul’s incarnate on Earth in human form with a Design to deepen their Self-Knowing. Through experiences in contrast to their natural state of Union, separating experiences fulfill a Self-Knowing function. By experiencing that which they are not, separate, Soul’s expand. Masters consider their Soul’s Design to be like a puzzle piece, essential to the fulfillment of the Grand Design for all to remember Union. The fulfillment of this Grand Design is achieved when a critical mass of humans awaken to the memory and guidance of their Soul’s Design. Awakening to and expressing your Soul’s Essence is akin to placing your individual puzzle piece into the puzzle of the Grand Design of Union. This triggers a global transformation of remembering Union.  When a critical mass of humans remember their Union, everything changes. Heaven and Earth are merged. People live their purpose joyfully and co-creatively. Earth heals herself.  Thus, consider Earth to be a place where Soul’s gather in physical form to play the game of forgetting their inherent Union. This game is coming to conclusion in our time. Masters understand that they (and all humans) are the physical embodiment or incarnation of a Soul, a non-physical, eternal, all-loving Being of Light, descended from One and only Source. 



Albert Moore is author of Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. He mentors individuals and and small groups in the practice of Self-Mastery, in person and online. Albert can be reached at

Celebrating The Mother

Exquisite, best describes the sensory explosions I experienced on my walk through Mother today. Among other places, I frequent her trails along the James River in Central Virginia. Today’s walk wasn’t long but it was filled with the pleasures of sight, sound, color, fragrance, texture, and more. Her endless shades of green filled my eyes. Her gnarly vines reminded me of the beauty of life’s twists and turns. Flying from branch to branch, Mother’s cardinals chirped to the delight of my ears. Her squirrels, scurried here and there. Her deep purple flowers with bright yellow pistols brightened my thoughts and feelings. The damp forest floor of her body delighted my sense of smell. She is exquisite, isn’t she!

Paroxysms of joy filled every cell in my body from head to toe. I was reminded that life as a  Soul incarnate on Earth is a treat. Mother is always giving to us. On days like these, I feel like a delighted child with eyes opening for the first time to the wonders of human existence. As we celebrate mothers, I am reminded that we actually have several mothers: 

  • A human mother through which we are born into form
  • A primal mother, Planet Earth that provides for all our needs (when we think of it)
  • Sofia, the feminine archetype, mother of the Universe 

My trips through Mother Earth’s woods, along her waterways, and through her countrysides, valley’s, and mountains inspire me to express love and gratitude to all my mothers. 

As an urban dweller, I visit Mother Earth’s natural treasures for respite from the hustle and bustle of human doing-ness. I love communing with her. I realize that when I bring my open heart to her, she shares her wisdom with me. Today, I asked her: What can I do to express my love and gratitude for you?  

First, I heard her say, “Write stories about your experiences with me so others might follow in your footsteps to revel in my wonders. I welcome the presence of humans. I only want you to enjoy me!”

She continued, “Encourage other humans to remember that WE are one Being from the same singular origin, a Creator choosing to have experiences in physical form. I’m sorry that some people have forgotten our inherent Union. However, when the memory of our Union is restored in human self-awareness, your gratitude will spread throughout my entire form, restoring balance in all my systems. Then, WE shall all thrive together and WE will be so happy!”

“Remind humans to honor their own bodies in all their variations, your love of Self will emanate energies that will nourish all my systems. That way, I can best fulfill my purpose and mission to nurture and support all life with all my abundance.”

A father’s prayer for celebrating all our Mothers!

Albert C. Moore is an artist, writer, and author of: Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul, a story exploring the idea that our Souls create a Design for our lives that is leading us to a New Earth. His book is available for purchase at: or Al facilitates the program, Adventures in Self-Mastery. Inquire at  


Beneath The Surface

A Soul’s Perspective About A Current Event

Lying in bed early in the morning for a few moments, just after a dream state, I often receive inspiration for writing a new story, creating art, or engaging in another of my creative endeavors. Today was one of those days. I heard that little voice in my head, not the critical one, but the creative one. It said, “Its time for you to write another story. Look beneath the surface of yesterday’s headlines for the Light of Truth. There is always more to this story than many humans would like to believe. Write about the Soul’s perspective as you’ve come to know it.” 


From unseen dimensions, the better angels hovered above the Earth observing recent human events. Afterwards, they convened for discussion, then concluded, “Perhaps it is time once again to deliver a message to the people. They appear ready for an expansive perception of this recent event.” 

In a flash, the angels traversed the heavens to arrive at the Swing Between Worlds. This is where they consult with the Souls involved in these events. It is the dimension where Souls design their human incarnations on Earth to learn about themselves through experiences in contrast. As eternal Beings, Souls exist in a consistent state of loving Union with all that is. Love without reason, condition, or measure is the Soul’s singular reality. 

Once these angels arrived at the Swing Between Worlds, they related to the Souls all they had observed and concluded about Earth and the latest significant human event. As one Soul knows, so too do all Souls, as they are all united by the ever-present spirit. In the next instant, the angels were greeted by the Souls of the two humans involved in this event on Earth. They related their story to the angels. It went like this: 


In this place called the Swing Between Worlds, after many incarnations as humans on Earth, we recognize that human self-awareness as Soul’s incarnate is evolving more quickly than ever before. We also know that many humans are now aware of and are actively being guided by their Souls. These humans are preparing to remember much more about their Union with all that is. And, we know that their remembrances will be precipitated by occurrences of extreme separation. You observe these every day. So, we and many other Souls decided to participate in the events of this expansive time for humankind. 

We two Souls have often applied our love for one another in ways uncommon to conventional human perception. We also understand that racial distinctions are one of the ways humans experience separation from each other. In contrast to their Souls, some humans perceive one race to be superior to another. However, race distinctions do not exist wherever love is the basis for existence. So, as Souls here in the Swing Between Worlds, we designed our human incarnations together again for the purpose of accentuating the perception of separation based upon race. We designed an experience of extreme separation where each of us would be of different races and one would kill the other one. We knew that it would take extreme experiences to motivate humanity to make the shift from separateness into remembrances of our inherent Union. As Souls, we design such events to learn more about ourselves as creators and how to create with love that is not necessarily apparent unless one investigates beneath the surface. Beneath the surface of human experience is where you’ll find that love underlies all creations. This one is no exception. 

The angels sighed with relief and expressed their gratitude to these two Souls for relating their story of unconditional love. Finally, the angels asked, “Is there a message you would like us to convey to humans?”

Yes, Thank you for asking, the two Soul’s replied, “To those with ears to hear and open hearts to remember, tell them of our love for one another and suggest that they consult their own Souls to know the Light of Truth. There, they will rediscover, there is only one.”  


Albert C. Moore is an artist, mentor, and author of: Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul, a story exploring the idea that our Souls Design our human lives. It’s available for purchase at: Al also facilitates the learning series, Adventures in Self-Mastery. Inquire at

The Art of Acceptance

Standing before many mirrors over the past thirty years, I’ve seen patterns of thought feeling, and behavior in myself that produced outcomes I’d prefer experiencing never again.  At one time, I wore these patterns like a well-worn pair of jeans that defined me. On the other hand, they also constrained the limits of my comfort zone, resulting in frequent emotional upsets. I begrudgingly, refused to take off these clothes. Then one day, I recognized the sublime accuracy in the statement, “That which I resist, persists.”  If that’s true, I asked myself, Why on earth would I resist that which is making my life challenging? When I coupled that statement with Neruda’s, “Changing the world is an inside job,” I saw a way to shift myself into new ways of being to create consistently expansive results. I really enjoy those. Practicing the ART OF ACCEPTANCE of what is, became my new starting point for self-change.

I began to understand that ACCEPTANCE of what is, is essential to becoming the (male) Human Being I aspire to be and having self-affirming experiences. In fact, I discovered that ACCEPTANCE of all aspects of myself helps me change my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors more easily and more quickly than resisting those aspects of myself that I’d rather not cop to. That means accepting the whole enchilada of myself, even the dualities that hold me captive in the false narrative that my sense of separateness from anyone or anything is real. I’d already learned that all the dualities of my humanness are rooted in the misperception that the masculine and feminine aspects of myself are separate. So again, I asked myself, What happens if I recognize that my masculine and feminine aspects are simply two sides of one coin, the whole me? 

To actualize and apply my wholeness requires integrating both my masculine – action and  knowledge with the feminine – creative and nurturing aspects.  I’m learning, albeit sometimes more slowly than I’d like to admit, that balancing these perceived dualities is a skill well worth mastering. When I’m able to hold these aspects in balance, I enter the BlueSpace where the answers and solutions to my questions and problems, already exist. I love being in that space. It makes my life flow quite easily. Further, through the union of the genders within me, a new life and perhaps even the New Earth I envision emerges through my wholeness.    


Once, a dear woman friend invited me to co-create a presentation about a project that is near and dear to both our hearts. Enthusiastically, I embraced the invitation. Immediately, she dropped effortlessly into her heart space, a calming atmosphere in which we work well together. She invited me to meet her there.  “Drop into your heart space where we can blend our hearts to begin our co-creation.”

Wanting to accommodate and join her, I launched into a story illustrative of the manner in which I’d taught myself to integrate my masculine and feminine aspects. Her disapproving glance shook me at first. “STOP!” She said.  “No! No! No!” she continued. “Just drop into your heart space!”

I began again. She stopped me again. This is not working, she proclaimed! I agreed. Part of me wanted to fight her. Another part of me wanted to run away. Then I remembered, ACCEPT what is! My inner voice said, “Engage her.” Then a pleasant gentleness came over me. I asked her, what is it that is upsetting you so?  With my new inquisitive tone, she felt the presence of my heart. Immediately, she had an AH HA moment. I get it! She exclaimed. Some people reach their heart space via a thought process. She had arrived at an ACCEPTANCE of our different paths and approaches. Her ACCEPTANCE of my path held steady and we were able to fully engaged in a co-creative process which promises to give birth to a presentation that will ignite new flames in the minds and hearts of those who see it.    


My friend helped me recognize the great creative value of holding calmly steady in front of her as my mirror. Once I ACCEPTED fight or flight as an option but refrained from going there, my world and experiences changed for the better. I had a new way to create unifying experiences. My friend’s initial reaction to my path mirrored for me an outmoded way I once had behaved. This time, I did not resist the parts of myself that create upsetting experiences. Neither did I acquiesce to another. As I’ve ACCEPTED my own shadow side, I found a new way into my own heart space to join with another. 

ACCEPTANCE of all parts of myself is an ongoing process of wedding the masculine and feminine within me.  I recognize that ACCEPTANCE is but one of a thousand pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that describes my wholeness. Once I ACCEPT what is in each moment, the Blue Space opens to me and supplies more pieces of my life’s puzzle. Then I can make more informed and heartfelt choices which lead me to fulfilling life experiences.

My friend’s ACCEPTANCE of me helped me tap into the Essence of my Soul, Tenderness and Compassion. She felt me meeting her in our individual heart spaces, proving to me, yet again that when I ACCEPT myself – the world mirrors back who I’m BEING.  


Albert C. Moore is retired after 40 years practicing architecture. Today, he’s an artist, mentor, writer, and author of: Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul, a story exploring the idea that our Souls create a Design for our lives that leads us to a New Earth. It’s available for purchase in three formats at: or Independently and through FFCH, Al also facilitates the program, Adventures in Self-Mastery. Inquire at and 505.310.2089.  Read more of Albert’s stories at: