Creativity is my passion. No, not the artwork I enjoy. I’m talking about the ability to imagine and bring into form, the experiences I desire. If you have a mind and a beating heart, you’re constantly creating. But are you doing so consciously? I consciously exercise my creative capacities daily. However, on this occasion, I’d been feeling out of touch with them. My life was feeling routinized. Routines do help me be self-disciplined. But, too much routine stifles my creative capacities. When I recognize this is happening, it’s my signal to apply one of my practices to free up my creative capacities. To spark them, I either: 

  1. Do nothing for a while, take a break from making things happen
  2. Do something or go somewhere I’ve never done or been, OR
  3. Do my routine backwards or randomly

This time, I applied number 3. For many years I’ve benefited from practicing Kripalu Yoga asanas in a particular sequence, as I’d learned. So, I reversed the sequence and voila! All kinds of new creative ideas began flowing into my awareness. More importantly, my intuitive voice said, “Once again, you’ve been over-using your masculine attributes to make the changes you desire. Striving as you do, indicates that you don’t trust the Universe to know about and when to deliver your desires.” 

Then, I heard this suggestion, “After you’ve had an idea, hold it steady in your mind as being complete then, sit back and consciously apply the feminine attribute of ALLOWING your desires to unfold organically. This demonstrates to the Universe that you trust that It knows the experiences your Soul has designed for your life as well as the timing to bring them into form. Balancing both genders within you sends a signal to the Universe that you are ready to receive your desired experiences. So, Chill Out! You just might see that balance leads you to your true, more consistent creative power.”


Historically, I’ve established goals then, set out determined to make them happen. If the square peg doesn’t fit in the round hole, Im known to get a bigger hammer and pound that sucker into submission. I’ve imposed my WILL to defeat all perceived obstacles. My mother dubbed me to be “a bull in a china closet” for that reason. This attitude doesn’t work so well for me anymore. Forcing things to happen is a sign of distrust, a form of separating myself from the Source of All That is.

Striving came early to me. I was born with webbed hands similar to a duck’s feet. Three surgeries had my hands and fingers be more functional. Then at six, I was told by a male authority figure that I couldn’t do something because of my deformed hands. My response was: Watch me…followed by expletives! Striving to prove others wrong about me became my primary modus operandi. I became an architect to prove the world wrong about me. To make matters more challenging, I was endowed with vision. I see things well before they happen. Striving to prove my value to others becomes exaggerated when impatience is thrown into the mix.


I know my human self to be the physical vehicle of my eternal Soul. Through me, my Soul expands by experiencing that which It is NOT, separate from anything. Struggle and impatience support the fulfillment of my Soul’s Design to experience anger and frustration. Whereas, my Soul’s true nature is tenderness and compassion. After decades of experiencing these contrasts, I realized that they can be used as my allies, reminders that my Soul creates through tenderness and compassion to manifest Its Design for my life with ease and grace. As I’ve practiced communicating with my Soul, I’ve begun feeling a union building within me. My human body, mind, heart and my eternal Soul are acting together now. It’s joyful! Now we are a team of co-creative allies. As I invite my Soul to play a conscious role in creating my desires, I am creating more unifying experiences. Creating becomes consistent, fluid, easier, a pleasure. I am whole when Soul and physicality are aching as ONE.


I’ve begun to think of Earth as host to a game Souls play to temporarily forget who they are as ambassadors of Light, Love, and Creation. Experiencing limitations like struggle and impatience is inherent to this game of pretending to be separate. When I’m able to surrender my striving tendencies, my mind, my emotions, and all the cells of my body open, ALLOWING me to create and receive my desires in physical form. My striving is on hold, at least for the moment that is, until my Soul chooses to forget again.      


Albert C. Moore is a mentor, artist, and writer, author of: Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul, a story exploring the idea that our Souls establish a Design for our lives and following it leads us to a New Earth. It’s available for purchase at: Al facilitates the program, Adventures In Self-Mastery. Inquire at or 505.310.2089.  Read more of Albert’s stories at: