Recently, I found myself standing at yet another threshold. A passion to be stronger, more masterfull with my life, more loving, open to new experiences has brought me here. Having stood here many times before, I recognize that the prerequisite to my crossing over, always the same, is the purging of old thoughts and feelings from my psyche and my heart. The next phase of my Soul’s Journey begs unfolding. I’ve learned to trust that my Soul is working through me toward fulfillment of its desired destiny. To cross these thresholds requires me to be empty each time to become a new vessle to be filled. I must be unencumbered by my past, outmoded beliefs and stagnant energies, prepared to receive the beauty and bounty held in my Soul’s Design for the next phase of this incarnation. As I pass through this opening, I’m prepared to execute my Soul’s Design, to play my part in service to the fulfillment of the peace promised by a million years of dreaming.


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