Calling her Saint Jayn was so much fun.

Ours could be a wonderfully playful relationship.

Getting a rise out of her was just one of the fun things we shared. It was a real hoot watching her stomp her feet on the kitchen floor and wag her finger at me. 

“Don’t you call me that, you, you… you rascal!”  

We’d burst out laughing then acknowledge our soulful bond with an embrace that ended with a long loving stare into each others eyes, without words saying to each other, I see the real you.

There were many who thought sainthood was befitting of her.  She was so loving, thoughtful, and kind, a beautiful contrast to my tendencies. 

Daily, she mimicked the butterflies and bees, pollinating each of her many projects lightly. In contrast, I was often hyper-focused and intensely diligent about completing my projects one at a time. At the end of a day, she’d still have energy. I’d be exhausted.   

To return my teasing, she’d call me Felix, the name she’d given to what she’d dubbed my evil twin. When she called me Felix, I knew she was in a playful mood. I’d let Felix out of his cage to play with her and her alone.

Our twenty-eight years together in all its varied forms had been peppered with frequent episodes of the sillinesses that only honest love displays.

I was well aware that she too had a wild side but she restrained it quite effectively. Her Kentuckian sense of polite properness kept her wild side bridled. Her outlet for stepping out of sainthood was playing uncharacteristic parts in her community theater. It satisfied her itch to escape the jail of properness for a while.

As I prepare myself to say my final good byes, I am imagining her prancing around the ethers planning her next life as a wild woman, unabashedly free to spontaneously express herself at any time. I have a strong sense that she’s having lots of fun now that she’s dropped her form. But, in this lifetime her sweet Cancerian ways had completely won over my Piscean heart.  

I sure hope we meet again in that lifetime. I’d love to romp with her again. We could raise a ruckus together!  


One thought on “TRIBUTE

  1. Beautiful! Thank you!
    I loved her too, from afar of course. I knew her mostly through Gerard’s House, and I held a deep admiration for and appreciation of her.


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