Mastery is a minute by minute life practice rather than a goal or an achievement. There is no diploma or certificate for Self-Mastery. No matter what occurs in the master’s surroundings he/she remains calmly stable, knowing wholeness within. Although, every master walks their own path, masters share a common commitment: 

To practice living consciously aware of their thoughts, feelings, and actings in support of Oneness with all that is.  Masters are not concerned with or for the separations that others experience, believe in, and/or espouse to be true. Masters never preach or attempt to convert others to mastery. The practicing master lives in a state of transcending his/her experiences in the illusions of separation in order to deepen his/her remembrance of Oneness.  Masters offer their lives as examples.

The master understands that there is really nothing to master. They know that they are being guided by their Soul in each moment. Masters have developed keen Self-Awareness for this guidance and summons it at will. Masters have no need to control anything or anyone. The master applies universal principles to nurture, shape and guide intuitively inspired ideas and visions from the ethers into physical form.

Masters have aligned with and embodied their Essence, the qualities of love, inherent to their Soul. Tenderness and compassion are examples of the Essence with which I personally identify and express daily toward myself and others. In addition, masters understand and align with their Soul’s Design for their lives. This Design is a personal masterplan for their human life. These Designs often include experiences in the illusions of separation such as believing oneself to be a victim, or mistrust for example, as well as myriad other ways to experience separation.  Masters use these experiences, systemically, to lead them to remembering their Union with all that is. 


Consider that Soul’s incarnate on Earth in human form with a Design to deepen their Self-Knowing. Through experiences in contrast to their natural state of Union, separating experiences fulfill a Self-Knowing function. By experiencing that which they are not, separate, Soul’s expand. Masters consider their Soul’s Design to be like a puzzle piece, essential to the fulfillment of the Grand Design for all to remember Union. The fulfillment of this Grand Design is achieved when a critical mass of humans awaken to the memory and guidance of their Soul’s Design. Awakening to and expressing your Soul’s Essence is akin to placing your individual puzzle piece into the puzzle of the Grand Design of Union. This triggers a global transformation of remembering Union.  When a critical mass of humans remember their Union, everything changes. Heaven and Earth are merged. People live their purpose joyfully and co-creatively. Earth heals herself.  Thus, consider Earth to be a place where Soul’s gather in physical form to play the game of forgetting their inherent Union. This game is coming to conclusion in our time. Masters understand that they (and all humans) are the physical embodiment or incarnation of a Soul, a non-physical, eternal, all-loving Being of Light, descended from One and only Source. 



Albert Moore is author of Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. He mentors individuals and and small groups in the practice of Self-Mastery, in person and online. Albert can be reached at


Celebrating The Mother

Exquisite, best describes the sensory explosions I experienced on my walk through Mother today. Among other places, I frequent her trails along the James River in Central Virginia. Today’s walk wasn’t long but it was filled with the pleasures of sight, sound, color, fragrance, texture, and more. Her endless shades of green filled my eyes. Her gnarly vines reminded me of the beauty of life’s twists and turns. Flying from branch to branch, Mother’s cardinals chirped to the delight of my ears. Her squirrels, scurried here and there. Her deep purple flowers with bright yellow pistols brightened my thoughts and feelings. The damp forest floor of her body delighted my sense of smell. She is exquisite, isn’t she!

Paroxysms of joy filled every cell in my body from head to toe. I was reminded that life as a  Soul incarnate on Earth is a treat. Mother is always giving to us. On days like these, I feel like a delighted child with eyes opening for the first time to the wonders of human existence. As we celebrate mothers, I am reminded that we actually have several mothers: 

  • A human mother through which we are born into form
  • A primal mother, Planet Earth that provides for all our needs (when we think of it)
  • Sofia, the feminine archetype, mother of the Universe 

My trips through Mother Earth’s woods, along her waterways, and through her countrysides, valley’s, and mountains inspire me to express love and gratitude to all my mothers. 

As an urban dweller, I visit Mother Earth’s natural treasures for respite from the hustle and bustle of human doing-ness. I love communing with her. I realize that when I bring my open heart to her, she shares her wisdom with me. Today, I asked her: What can I do to express my love and gratitude for you?  

First, I heard her say, “Write stories about your experiences with me so others might follow in your footsteps to revel in my wonders. I welcome the presence of humans. I only want you to enjoy me!”

She continued, “Encourage other humans to remember that WE are one Being from the same singular origin, a Creator choosing to have experiences in physical form. I’m sorry that some people have forgotten our inherent Union. However, when the memory of our Union is restored in human self-awareness, your gratitude will spread throughout my entire form, restoring balance in all my systems. Then, WE shall all thrive together and WE will be so happy!”

“Remind humans to honor their own bodies in all their variations, your love of Self will emanate energies that will nourish all my systems. That way, I can best fulfill my purpose and mission to nurture and support all life with all my abundance.”

A father’s prayer for celebrating all our Mothers!

Albert C. Moore is an artist, writer, and author of: Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul, a story exploring the idea that our Souls create a Design for our lives that is leading us to a New Earth. His book is available for purchase at: or Al facilitates the program, Adventures in Self-Mastery. Inquire at