What if identities as gay or non-binary are calling into question the human consensus agreement that gender divisions by roles are the only truth? 

What if every human inherently possesses the qualities of both masculine — knowledge and action and feminine — creativity and nurturing?

What if every issue humanity faces originates from our insistence that only one gender is capable of resolving our myriad issues?

What if those humans identifying as gay or non-binary are harbingers of our inherent Oneness?

What if those resisting our Oneness are actually the universe’s way of working through us to bring about greater understanding of all points of view which leads us to the resolutions we seek?

Then, I’d ask:

What if: That which we resist, persists?

What if we loved so deeply that the endless diversity of creation flourished on Earth, rendering the limitations of judgment obsolete?

What if the first step in resolving our issues is accepting and balancing both genders within us?

What might the Earth we all share be like, if both genders within us are free to be expressed, whether you show up in a masculine or feminine form?

Sometimes the status quo of blind consensus needs a shaking up for people to remember Oneness. 


2 thoughts on “THINGS TO CONSIDER

    1. Thanks Anna! Glad you like the feeling I was conveying. I enjoy waking up with memories of my Oneness and the words to convey these memories.


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