The idyllic American life painted by Norman Rockwell never existed. So, GET OVER IT! Life in America can be messy. Our messiness has been in our faces for at least the last eighteen months and who sits on the Supreme Court is our current mess. It’s a time to face our messes, for lots of questions.
Who among us has never separated from another, judged ourselves or another, thought ourselves to be more or less than another? Is ours not a time to recognize and mend these separations within ourselves, to remember our inherent wholeness, our oneness? Acknowledging our shadow side, our messes heals these separations within ourselves, others, and the world. The process America is currently undergoing seems to be part of a whole-ing process and it will ultimately benefit all of us. Bring on the messes! Air them out so we can rise above them. Don’t get sidetracked by ego’s minutia. Ask hard, fundament questions. Asking anything less is a waste of time, so here are some to consider.
Is one (or a group) who attempts to disrupt (for political advantage over others) the balance in our three-part system (executive, legislative, judiciary) designed by the founders of these United States violating the constitution to which they have sworn allegiance?
If so:
Should they be subject to removal from office, or prevented from holding office?
Are not attempts to create an imbalance in our three-part system actually treasonous?
What is the new litmus test for representing others in our governing bodies?
In voting we might ask ourselves:
Who among us is sufficiently healed/whole from ego’s tendencies to separate any of us from another, to represent us?
My heart asks lots of questions that my mind alone can’t answer. Some of them might be about giant mysteries like the meaning of life. Others could be more personal or even practical. Logic can take me only so far. It has its limitations. When I feel thrown back into the deep subjective waters of my own insights and personal tastes, that might be just what my heart intended from the start. My heart seems to be asking more of me: Ponder more, ask more fundamental questions so I can grow and remember my inherent wholeness and see that of all others. Then, my wholeness can be reflected and experienced in the world. Perhaps then, Rockwell’s paintings can become my reality and I’d enjoy sharing it you all.


One thought on “BRING ON THE MESS!

  1. Yes, it’s pretty messy, but it’s leading us somewhere,I agree. To look honestly at our imbalances, habits and beliefs that cause pain and separation is where we begin. It’s like being shaken up in a test tube. Lots of turbulence, but I do believe that through it we will find our way to our hearts with greater respect and honoring of each other and the planet.


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