Please join me for Anchoring the Consciousness of Oneness World Summit – a virtual event with 19 experts in myriad fields and modalities – who have come together in the name of helping to create a collective awareness and recognition of the concept of Oneness in mind, body and spirit.

This event begins November 11, 2018, and will run for seven days. Recorded interviews will arrive in your inbox each day for seven days and videos will be available to view until November 22, 2018.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive a link to our private Facebook group entitled: Oneness World Summit, where you can engage with all 19 experts and ask us questions!

Thank you for supporting this event! #AnchorTheConsciousness

URL: https://www.saradaves.com/oneness-world-summit/

I’ll be speaking at this event, hope you will join us.

Oneness World Summit Poster


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