Be the architect of your life, an alchemist of self-change through self-mastery

Everything changes when we realize that we have a Soul, a non-physical part of our totality. Our Soul designs our human lives, in part to experience forgetting our inherently Divine nature. Communicating with our Soul, we learn that It is actually guiding us to remember our connectedness with all things. Our hearts and minds open to our Soul’s Essence, our Original Way Of Being, a quality of love unique to each of us. Expressing this Essence, we accept and integrate our Soul with our humanity. Life becomes fluid and dynamic when we’re aligned with our Soul’s Essence and Design.

Early childhood emotional traumas are often designed by our Souls to postpone our remembering that we are whole. Traumatic emotional events alter our brains and behaviors. They establish pathways for ego’s reactivity to dominate our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Us versus them becomes our way of living. We become irritable. We get angry. We judge ourselves and others. Everyone and everything seems separate from us, adversaries to battle. Traumas can highjack our sense of well-being and true purpose. Ego attempts to protect us by defining us as helpless victims. Then, hidden beneath a life crisis involving health, relationship, career, or resources, our Soul calls to us to remember our Divine nature and become our authentic Self.


Will we answer our Soul’s call?

Architecture Of The Soul’s Design programs include:

  • 12 one-on-one 90 minute mentoring sessions
  • 3-day mentoring workshops
  • Inspirational speaking at conferences and events
  • Consultations for individuals, businesses, organizations
  • Meet Up groups
  • Book Study group


Architecture Of The Soul’s Design (AOTSD) programs are for the bold and adventurous. They provide mentoring for people to remember and fully express their Soul’s Essence. Clients gain broader perspective about their lives. They find new value and purpose. They become the architects of their lives. In collaboration with their Soul, they are able to solve any problem. They also make no distinction between work and play. AOTSD offers Clients a reliable structure of principles, practices, and tools to be alchemists of self-change through self-mastery. AOTSD programs are based on principles in the book, Eyes In The Mirror, Everything Changed  When He Met His Soul available online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Request details by email at with AOTSD in the subject line.



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