Thoughts On Our Times

I’m aware that sometimes Soul’s incarnate on Earth to behave as clowns performing like buffoons on the world stage. Their purpose is to ask us to look in the mirror at our own foolishness for thinking we can separate aspects of our wholeness. Watermelon man from Southwestern native tribes is such a character and brings wisdom to those willing to look. Could this be the purpose of the American President and many members of Congress?

Looking in my mirror this morning, I was no longer angry or sad at his/their antics. Instead, I was laughing, quite amused that I hadn’t seen their purpose as my own reflection when I attempt to separate myself from anyone or anything. I find my life includes a lot more laughter since I began to see the world as my reflection. What is your mirror reflecting today?

Make no mistake that by offering the above perspective, in no way whatsoever do I condone or excuse any act of separation by anyone.  Yet, I too have had thoughts, feelings and actions that have separated me from others. I have done my best to make corrections with me to sustain my unification with all. While some get away with crimes against man’s laws, no one escapes the Laws of Karma. In that respect, each of us is accountable for restoring to balance, all results of our thoughts, feelings, and actions of separation.

As I occasionally peaked in on yesterday’s embarrassing congressional display of lunacy, when several members berated the testifier I was reminded of the story of Jesus’s defense of Magdalene at her stoning. “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” He knew that those who first cast stones are usually those most guilty and they cast stones to project and/or deflect onto another, the guilt and shame they hold for their own separations.

To maintain political karma balanced, I propose that those who seek to represent us as elected officials at any and all levels be held personally responsible in both financial and humanitarian ways for those they separate from the whole. That might finally restore integrity to our system. It might also have our representatives act with honor toward all rather than those few interests whom they support or pay for their election.



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