Independence Day Reflections

When I push away my dark side, it behaves like a frightened child demanding my immediate attention. If I ignore it, it might retreat for a while, then it always comes back at a most inopportune time to create havoc.  When this happens, it’s time for me to look inside myself for the pearls of wisdom this ill-tempered child has to teach me. When I honestly examine my own dark side I see that I can separate myself from and project my separateness onto others.

This leads me to ask: Who among us has not separated from our true Selves, others, our planet, or our common Source? Divisiveness would seem to be integral to the human experience. Or could it be just a phase in human evolution? What if there’s another way of being human that would yield experiences in a unified reality? What if we could see those who separate one of us from another as a projection of our unacknowledged dark side? These are questions I’ve considered. A friend of mine thinks I have entirely too much time on my hands but, I tell him I subscribe to the idea posed by Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” 

During my self-examining periods, I remember that I also a contrasting side,  a light side. I suspect that I’m not alone in this. Each side has great value to me. When I acknowledge both sides, I discover that my self-awareness expands. Applying my dark side to life’s situations, my anger or impatience, I create results that separate me from others. These experiences do not feel good. However, when I apply my lighter side, I create unifying experiences that are quite fun for all. I call my lighter side my original way of being human. Tenderness and compassion are qualities of being that I assign to this lighter side of myself. I think of them as love’s heritage from my Creator. Therein lies my real independence where I’m free to ask: Which of these parts of myself, my light or my dark side, shall I apply to create my next reality?

As I observe the overall human experience, I can conclude that even those dominated by their darker side possess an inner light, dimmed though it may appear to the judgmental. I also notice that the side I focus my attention on is the side I witness being expressed. When I focus on the brokenness of people, they act out with venomous behavior magnifying artificial self-imposed divisions.

Mr. Trump appears to be an example of this phenomenon. The more I focus on his brokenness, the more he behaves in separating ways, regarding immigration, tariffs, with our allies and a host of other things. He seeks to ally with those seeking to separate like Putin and Un. He seems not so much the master of the deal as the master of ego’s manipulative deceptions. As like attracts like, he appears to attract the emotionally wounded as his supporters. Their perceptions of their separateness lead them to believe that it is real. From this base, Trump draws only artificial strength from the angry mob that blames others for their own divisiveness.

This phenomenon is indicative of Trump’s own emotional woundedness. Behaving like a wounded little boy, he lashes out at those who disagree with him. Oh, what he could learn by engaging with them from an open heart. But, he seems only to apply ego’s false sense of moral superiority. With it, he validates and reopens his own woundedness and that of others. He uses the fallacy of division to garner loyalty to the illusions of his separateness. With his pep-rallies, Trump gains only the illusion of power which must constantly be fed by those outside of himself. He is unable to empower himself from an empty and broken heart. The heart of those severely wounded by childhood trauma cannot speak the truth of the inherent union of all, so true power is denied expression through them.

I’ve learned that which we resist persists is a universal truth. If so, why would we resist this man who sows divisiveness? Resistance to our own dark side makes it more powerful and persistent in its separating tendencies. Mr. Trump is no exception to this principle. Perhaps another tactic, used by many masters could apply here? Are we so bold as to try it? What if we summon all of love’s light within us? Then, what if we extend to him and anyone caught in the web of separation’s illusions, the light in our loving hearts and unifying light of our Souls? Extrapolating on my personal experiences, it just might work to shift our nations divisive situation. As we give, we too receive more light. Imagine radiating the light of love and unity from our hearts and Souls toward Washington, DC and the Whitehouse.

The truth in our hearts and Souls is calling to us all to, “Remember Union!” The Jesus, the Buddha, the Moses, the Muhammad, the ML King and the Gandhi, the Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and the Hamilton I know would implore us to offer love’s compassionate light to all those with wounded hearts. Standing in our finest light, all illusions of separation can begin disappearing. Then, no one is left behind because there is no place real out beyond our union’s inherent truth. As we extend our hearts to others all of us have an opportunity to remember our undeniable Oneness. Is this not the lesson of the lost sheep or the meaning of turn the other cheek? 

If I can be so bold as to update Plato’s ancient wisdom: ”The price good people pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by wounded people.”  (Adapted from The Republic). Those so impacted by the illusions of their separateness have simply lost their memory of our intrinsic unity. This makes them, at least for now, ill-suited to lead anything or anyone until and unless their fractured hearts have mended.

In the meantime, we might consider that criteria for selection of future leaders around our globe, be those most freed from ego’s separating clutches, those able to lead from the love in their hearts and the unity of their Souls. These people are worthy of leadership, uniting not only each member of a country but also the entire world. A real leader knows that true strength comes from an open heart toward Self and all others. A true leader is one who unites, never divides. I trust there are people with free hearts and Souls destined for leadership. Please come forth in our hour of need.

As I reflect on this anniversary of our nation’s independence from the tyranny of King George’s ego, we owe it to our founders to first, free ourselves from its clutches once again. When we free ourselves we will have leaders who reflect our own unity and self-love. Who knows, a new nation, perhaps even a New Earth will emerge as our reflection of love’s light. Our country’s founders left us with processes to free ourselves from internal tyrannies. I’m also suggesting that there’s another way. Employing either or both of these methods, we are the great nation they envisioned and the great people to whom they have entrusted their legacy of true love’s freedom.


Albert Moore is the author of Eyes In The Mirror, Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. At you can read blogs about his journey. Al is an inspirational speaker and a coach to men. He resides in Richmond, VA.


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