Needing a diversion from being home alone and lost in my mind’s maze, I decided to take a walk in the forest that afternoon. Quickly, I came across a cluster of beautiful blooming Red Bud trees. As I stood admiring them, I was taken aback when they spoke to me.

They asked me, “Where have all the people gone?  We love to watch them smile when they see us in bloom.” 

They went on to say, “We bloom to help the people remember how much fun it is to visit The Mother.” 

I replied, Most humans are locked in their homes, afraid that a disease will spread if they come in contact with one another. They are afraid they will get sick and die of this disease.” 

The trees replied, “Perhaps it will set their minds at rest by remembering that all things under heaven have a purpose. And in their dualistic world, the opposite is also true. For if they become ill, it is also true that they have an equal and opposite capacity for great health and vitality, when they remember their Union with The All”

“Thank you, I do remember that and will share this with my friends.”

“Also remember that All Things under heaven are born of love. The Mother wants to offer the people Her love to help them remember their Oneness with Her, with each other, and with The All. The Mother also wants the people to remember that nothing ever dies, that love is eternal and all people are born of love and remain forever within the Heart of The All.” 

Before leaving, I said to the trees that I would tell the people how much The Mother loves them and would enjoy having them return to Her soon.


The promise of clear skies, warm temperatures and a slight breeze, encouraged me to return to the forest the next afternoon.  

I wanted The Mother’s guidance for my upcoming vision quest planned for the approaching full moon in Libra. I anticipated major changes within me yet again. It was time for me to remember more about my authentic Self and my life’s purpose and mission. 

The moment I arrived in the forest, those same Red Bud trees greeted me with their bodacious beauty. They said, “Our flowers will soon turn into green leaves. Please tell the people we are sorry that they are missing us in our springtime glory.”

Then a previously unnoticed Dogwood tree announced its presence with white-tipped buds almost ready to burst. “I’m nearly ready for the people to see me though! I hope the people are ready to return to the forest in time to see me in full bloom and take in my rich fragrance! Oh, how I enjoy blushing when they admire me.”

The Sun shone brilliantly in the clear blue sky. I bathed in the warmth of His rays. Swaying in the gentle breeze, Oak and Maple limbs not yet in bloom cast cool grey shadows on my path. The contrast of light and dark intrigued me. It helped me release my mental machinations. 

I always feel wonderful returning to The Mother. I spent years living among Her graces. Her guidance helped me snatch triumph from the adversity I faced along my life’s path. When my heart feels wounded or my mind tortured, I visit Her. Her peace and calm fill my heart with joy. In Her arms, I think clearly and I’m inspired to recreate myself. As I have done for decades, I recited a prayer The Mother taught me long ago. Aligning my heart with Her vibration helps initiate our conversations:

Order is all there is

As Long as I am in Order

Nothing else matters

For I am Order

We are Order

We are One

And the dream of WE 

Is in me.

As I continued walking along the path, I reveled in the happy songs birds sang to each other.
I extended my love to all Her creatures for allowing me to share in the joy of Her many voices. 

Shortly after I settled into my favorite sitting spot, I observed floating in front of me, a grey cloud outlined with a thin pale pink and purple glow. I was surprised! I’d never encountered a cloud in the forest. 

Then it spoke to me, “Yesterday, I observed you speaking with The Mother. I am a part of Her but most people wont listen or speak to me. Will you?“

Yes, of course I will.  Tell me your story.”

“I am a messenger Being, born of the shadow side of the people. I am the offspring of the mental and emotional investments people make in their fears. When people experience me their fears have become realized. When their fears create me, the people wonder why, feeling victimized, as if my purpose is to harm them. Again, I am simply a messenger saying, That which people fear will haunt them until they learn to embrace their fears with love.”

“Yes, I know that embracing practice! The Mother first explained it to me but it’s so contrary to human logic. Please say more.”

“People who do not remember their Union with The All and that they are born of the love of The All, fear me. I represent their fears and illusions of aloneness and their perceived separateness from each other, from The Mother and from The All.”  

After a pause, this voice of the cloud continued. “I am not your enemy to be fought and defeated. I am the ultimate irony of the people, their own creation. Although I am created from fears and perceptions of their separateness, my true purpose is to remind the people of their Union with The All. In Union, all are safely immune to me. However, many people have neither eyes to see nor ears to hear my true message. I am here to help people remember that the children of The All living on The Mother are also creators made in the image and likeness of The All. As creators, they are free to create wonders from love or create reminders like me from their fears.” 

“The people label me a disease, a virus. My true purpose is to remind the people of their Oneness with The All. Remembering their Oneness, the people are able create a new world where all their systems are aligned with the truth of their Union with The All.” 

“Please explain more, I’m intrigued.”

“When the people remember their Union, their love for all within The All, fear will be no more and I will have no more reason to be. They will have received my messages. Then I am free return to The All. When the people remember their Oneness with The All, all The Mother’s wounds are healed. All Her Gardens will be restored and flourish. All perceptions of separation will have served their purpose, to help the people remember that they are One with The All.”               

And then the cloud disappeared.

Surprised by this new voice and its message, as I retired. One question remained:

How may I be of service to this memory of our Union?


On the third day, my curiosity got the best of me. I returned to the forest to see if the cloud would speak with me again. Immediately after I arrived at my usual sitting spot, the cloud appeared to me again.

I asked: “What is mine to do to help the people remember Union?”

This time the cloud sounded pained like a wounded animal crying to a merciful heart for help.

“Begin your service by sharing with people how you learned to communicate with The Mother when you lived in your cabin in the woods. Share the stories She told you then. Begin with the story about how stands of Aspen trees are part of one root system. Share how you’ve come to see people all connected similarly by The All as their common Source. Then share how that image has made your life so much easier than it was when you felt alone.”

“I’d enjoy doing that! My memories of Mother’s stories are permanently etched in all my cells. “

“Share with the people what you’ve learned about embracing your shadow side and your fears. Share with them how you practice summoning and sustaining in all your cells, the Vibration of Union with The All. Share that this Vibration inhibits disease from being attracted to you and how you are now unafraid of creations like me. Share that this brings you an abiding peace, freedom, and joy that they too can experience.”

“Then join with others of similar understanding. Joining with others you will no longer feel like a lone voice crying in the wind without ears to hear. As a member of a group, the sharing becomes richer and applicable to more people.”

“We also suggest that you share with the people the Universal Principles taught to you by The Mother. Share how you use them to renew yourself. Share how anyone can apply these principles to re-invigorate themselves.”

“All that you suggest appeals to my heart’s fondest longings! Do you have any final suggestions?”

“Yes, during the challenging times ahead for humanity, offer uplifting and encouraging positive visions for a New Earth, based on the collective remembrance of Union. Then stand as examples for others by radiating love and memories of Union to initiate the experiencing of New Earth.” This will gather people to participate in the stepbystep creative process of awakening these memories, imagining, designing, building, and maintaining the original loving ways of Being human.

“Go now! Do what you’ve come to do.” _________________________________________________________________________________________      Albert Moore is the author of Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. He resides in Richmond, Virginia and facilitates the course, Adventures In Self Mastery, designed to diminish ego’s voice of limitation and help you hear the voice of your Soul’s expansiveness.                                       



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