3 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. Wow.
    Total agreement here on the vibration and frequency of BEAUTY.
    How little do we make room for this abstract in our lives when distracted with
    the vicissitudes of life in these times….?
    When is the last time one stopped to smell a flower that gently calls
    to passersby on a sunset late afternoon walk?
    I love the expression of awareness of this concept, coupled with the emotional outflow and connection
    to its frequency. It reminds me of how inspiring beautiful music triggers a response within one’s core being.
    Like sand pebbles organizing a sacred pattern to the vibration of music/sound.
    It seems like Beauty itself calls to you in this way.


  2. This is my favorite posting yet. Such eloquence–yes, beauty–coming through your words. As I read this I am in northern Scotland where the intense beauty is inescapable.i am filling my pores and my soul with it, drinking deeply. Thanks, Al.


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