Beneath The Surface

A Soul’s Perspective About A Current Event

Lying in bed early in the morning for a few moments, just after a dream state, I often receive inspiration for writing a new story, creating art, or engaging in another of my creative endeavors. Today was one of those days. I heard that little voice in my head, not the critical one, but the creative one. It said, “Its time for you to write another story. Look beneath the surface of yesterday’s headlines for the Light of Truth. There is always more to this story than many humans would like to believe. Write about the Soul’s perspective as you’ve come to know it.” 


From unseen dimensions, the better angels hovered above the Earth observing recent human events. Afterwards, they convened for discussion, then concluded, “Perhaps it is time once again to deliver a message to the people. They appear ready for an expansive perception of this recent event.” 

In a flash, the angels traversed the heavens to arrive at the Swing Between Worlds. This is where they consult with the Souls involved in these events. It is the dimension where Souls design their human incarnations on Earth to learn about themselves through experiences in contrast. As eternal Beings, Souls exist in a consistent state of loving Union with all that is. Love without reason, condition, or measure is the Soul’s singular reality. 

Once these angels arrived at the Swing Between Worlds, they related to the Souls all they had observed and concluded about Earth and the latest significant human event. As one Soul knows, so too do all Souls, as they are all united by the ever-present spirit. In the next instant, the angels were greeted by the Souls of the two humans involved in this event on Earth. They related their story to the angels. It went like this: 


In this place called the Swing Between Worlds, after many incarnations as humans on Earth, we recognize that human self-awareness as Soul’s incarnate is evolving more quickly than ever before. We also know that many humans are now aware of and are actively being guided by their Souls. These humans are preparing to remember much more about their Union with all that is. And, we know that their remembrances will be precipitated by occurrences of extreme separation. You observe these every day. So, we and many other Souls decided to participate in the events of this expansive time for humankind. 

We two Souls have often applied our love for one another in ways uncommon to conventional human perception. We also understand that racial distinctions are one of the ways humans experience separation from each other. In contrast to their Souls, some humans perceive one race to be superior to another. However, race distinctions do not exist wherever love is the basis for existence. So, as Souls here in the Swing Between Worlds, we designed our human incarnations together again for the purpose of accentuating the perception of separation based upon race. We designed an experience of extreme separation where each of us would be of different races and one would kill the other one. We knew that it would take extreme experiences to motivate humanity to make the shift from separateness into remembrances of our inherent Union. As Souls, we design such events to learn more about ourselves as creators and how to create with love that is not necessarily apparent unless one investigates beneath the surface. Beneath the surface of human experience is where you’ll find that love underlies all creations. This one is no exception. 

The angels sighed with relief and expressed their gratitude to these two Souls for relating their story of unconditional love. Finally, the angels asked, “Is there a message you would like us to convey to humans?”

Yes, Thank you for asking, the two Soul’s replied, “To those with ears to hear and open hearts to remember, tell them of our love for one another and suggest that they consult their own Souls to know the Light of Truth. There, they will rediscover, there is only one.”  


Albert C. Moore is an artist, mentor, and author of: Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul, a story exploring the idea that our Souls Design our human lives. It’s available for purchase at: Al also facilitates the learning series, Adventures in Self-Mastery. Inquire at


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