A Gift From The James

On the banks of the James

I sat observing old thoughts and beliefs

of no more consequence 

dropping like spent leaves of Autumn

preparing to become new soil

from which shall surely blossom 

the Mother’s next generation of treasures

Then the space between my ears went  


after a moment the void did fill 

with cleansing sounds of the river’s rushing rapids 

making for a brilliant clarity of mind and heart 

where I received a message with 

remembrances of my life’s next phase

“No longer shall I walk alone.” It said

My heart filled with joy

and my mind was set ablaze

so I arose from my perch

to unabashedly dance further down the trail

toward a love far greater than any other 

that ever came to me before I became 


Prepared am I to receive her

whomever she may be 

so I surrender and asking of my guides

lead us to each other

where we shall know at once

our well deserved reunion

designed by our Souls  


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