Do you sometimes feel stuck, lacking energy and motivation? Perhaps you’re feeling like your life is stationary or maybe even in a long slow retrograde. The good news is that there’s a solution to these doldrums!

I’ve found the practices described below to be reliable. It has moved me a step towards Mastering my thoughts and feelings, my creative tools. This practice helps me regain joyful forward motion in my life.


Let’s say your life is like a car with an automatic transmission.  Currently it sits engine off, motionless in a parking space. You get in buckle up, put the key in the ignition and turn on the motor. To get your vehicle out of that parking space, you shift into reverse to back it up. Then to shift into drive, you must pass through neutral. There, your transmission is disengaged (at rest) for a period. After neutral you can shift into drive without grinding the gears and damaging your transmission. 

I’ve found that life is similar to operating a car. Imagine that your thoughts make up the transmission of your life. Your thoughts set the direction of your life. Imagine next, that your feelings are the engine providing the horsepower to go in the desired direction.  The stronger your feelings, the faster you move in your desired direction.

When your thoughts and feelings separate you from others, your actions can create chaos or seem to block your forward motion. You may feel as if you’re in park position. And sometimes those separating thoughts and feelings are so intense that your actions seem to put you in reverse position.  Separateness causes stresses to build up in the cells of your body making it even harder to shift your life into drive.

But, to make the shift into drive requires passing through neutral. In neutral, you take “time out” from the daily motion of life to realign your thoughts and feelings with  your Soul’s memory of Union with All That Is. Then your life’s transmission is easily shifted into drive for fluid forward motion. When accompanied by happy feelings, you enjoy the ride and arrive at your desired destination quicker and quite satisfied with your journey.

Being in neutral is where you again become self-empowered. In neutral, you make a vibrational shift within yourself that allows you to set a new course and speed for your life.


Neutral is accompanied by the Vibration of Order. In this case Order has nothing to do with imposed structure or a hierarchy. To the contrary, it’s where all our judgments are suspended. It’s as if we’re taking a ‘Time Out!’ a neutral period between parked or reverse to get into drive. It’s where our gears needed for motion are resting. Here we repurpose and re-motivate to empower the new direction for our life. Feeling this Vibration in our bodies is like tuning in to our favorite music station on your car radio. Once we’ve felt the Frequency of Order, we can redial into it at anytime.

I was first introduced to the Vibration of Order in 1992 in a personal channeling of the Ones With No Names through Flo Magdalena, author of I Remember Union. It was a time of deep neutral in my life. Thereafter, diligent practice in the Vibration of Order vastly improved my life. It smoothed out my prickliness exhibited by my reactionary angry ways that often created chaos in my life and surroundings. Order helped me get through some really dicey situations where my separating behavior could have resulted in harm but instead created beautifully unifying outcomes. 


Order is fundamental to the existence of the Earth and Universe. Order upholds the sacred honoring of all creation where each individual and the collective are ONE. That includes all people, all events, and all things no matter how they are showing up in the moment. The Vibration of Order establishes the inherent balance of the Earth. Through this vibration light, growth, knowledge, and personal and planetary sustenance exist. Consider Order to be the fertile energetic soil of the Earth where all her inhabitants are in balance. The Vibration of Order brings calm to individuals and groups. It provides respite from the turbulence caused by human beliefs in separating dualities. We can go to nature to feel the Vibration of Order. Order is the prerequisite to peace within individuals, throughout humanity, and the planet. Order synchronizes humanity with nature on planet Earth in an energetic field of Union. 


Order exists through the Monad (Source/God…). It is upheld by the Spiritual Hierarchy while humanity plays the forgetting game of separation on Earth. Order keeps our planet from destabilizing from the extremes of human separations. Order inherently exists in each Soul’s energetic matrix as a knowing. When you open to your Soul’s matrix, you’re choosing to know the Unity held in your Soul. Order begins to emerge from within and you begin to consciously remember Union, live it and express it in the world. Then you energetically affect every one you encounter. This makes human society function at a higher level because we are each living and expressing through the Monad. My will becomes THY WILL. Order remembered by a group of individuals establishes a wave of energy that affects all humanity and establishes a critical mass of Unified Self-Awareness. When this vibration is held by the collective of humanity, the Earth responds by restoring herself.  This results in the merging of Heaven and Earth. 

I’m sharing the Vibration of Order so others may become ambassadors of Order bringing peace to this planet. It’s where the quietest of revolutions begins. Order transforms humanity without trying to convince anybody of anything. Order is individually practical and collectively imperative to human survival. Practice it if you choose by saying the Order prayer as follows.

Order is all there is

As long as I am in Order, nothing else matters

For I am Order

We are Order

We are One

And the dream of we, is in me.

____________________________________________________________________________________________           Albert Moore is the author of Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. Through in-person and online consultations, he facilitates the course called, Adventures In Self-Mastery. He shares practices to diminish ego’s voice of limitation to hear the voice of your Soul’s expansiveness. Al is also an inspiring speaker. Contact Albert:


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