When I encounter a controversy, I try to see it as an opportunity to inquire,

What can I learn about myself from this situation?

Today’s political controversy in Virginia prompts me to reflect on the occasions over my six decades when I’ve thought, felt, or acted separate, less than or greater than another.

When I catch myself separating by condemning or judging myself or another, even a politician, it reminds me to embark on an inner journey of self-reflection. I use this process to advance my self-awareness. I ask questions like:

1. When have I  judged another for separations that I too have created?

2. Am I projecting my own guilt, shame, and/or blame by condemning another to unburden myself?

3. How can I remember and practice our common-unity?

My journeys begin with honoring my own humanness or my shadow side.  These are the many ways and times I have separated myself from others. If I deny or judge this shadow side, my life usually becomes quite troublesome.  However, when I acknowledge my shadow side, it shrinks or sometimes even fades away. This practice is derived from a principle that says, That which I resist persists. So if there’s a behavior that I’d prefer not to repeat, Why would I resist it? As I acknowledge my own humanness, my judgments of self and others diminish. This makes it easier, individually and collectively, to transition from troubling separating behaviors into my heart and soul. There, I behave lovingly unified where everyone flourishes.    

I can only change myself, never another. Acknowledging this my authentic nature begins guiding my thoughts, feelings, and actions. Tenderness and compassion are my authentic attributes.  Once I embody and radiate them all my sensory systems reflect my unity with all people and things. I no longer need to convince another of my rightness and their wrongness. I feel peaceful. I live out the true meaning of turning the other cheek.

In no way does this inquiry excuse my instances of separation or make me immune to the Laws of Karma. If I keep my humanness secret, it is certain to surface at times when I have the most at risk. That’s when Hubris enters and my life gets uncomfortable. I feel embarrassed or humiliated. However, if I undertake action to reunify, life’s blessings flow freely. Until I consistently think, feel, and act congruently unified, I am guided by my authentic nature to ask each day: Which path and what results do I choose,   union and joy  or separation and sadness?  This process brings to the forefront, my choice to think, feel, and act unified.

The beauty of the human experience is that we have a Free-Will choice to condemn or to honor ourselves and others. I once was guided by a condemning god seeking revenge and retribution. Then I realized that I’d made this god in the image of my humanness? I’m choosing more often now to see myself as the image and likeness of an all-loving Presence. It never judges me for forgetting my origin in Its unlimited and unconditional love. Here, I have innumerable opportunities to remember my Oneness with all people, events, and things. Then I can extend my authentic way of being to all my fellow humans, even politicians.


Conviction in the court of opinion is to me, justice denied. I view opinions as mind games intended to appease my shadow side, my humanness seeking to separate me. I choose not to participate in the mental banter of opinions like those holding public figures to higher standards than I place upon myself. That separates me from them. How then can they possibly represent me? To support a political candidate I want to hear upfront about their humanness. When have they separated from others? Then I can relate to them. I also want to hear how they’ve looked within and found unity between themselves and others. Did they discover and learn to express their authentic loving nature? That’s how they are qualified to represent me. However, if I or anyone else, including public officials continue to separate from others, apply the law of the land, not to punish with guilt, shame, or blame. That only perpetuates separateness. To resolve separateness, apply these laws and universal principles to reunify all of us in the loving Presence of our common origin.


Albert Moore is the author of Eyes In The Mirror, Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. He resides in Richmond, VA where he teaches the practice of Self-Mastery.


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