I’ve come across many meaningful books, stories and statements while traversing the inner and outer landscapes of my life’s journey. Among the most impactful is this statement by Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  It rings true for me. Like Socrates, I too trust that the expansion of self-awareness arising from self-examination is crucial to my fulfillment: expansion. Without self-examination and adjustment I am likely to repeat the subconscious fear-based patterns of ego’s conditioning. These patterns tend to create anxiety and turmoil in my life. Self-examination provides me time and space to bring these patterns to the light of my awareness. Light dissolves these patterns that limit the expression of my Essence: tenderness and compassion. When these patterns are dissolved my life is often infused with ease and grace and fun. 

I engage in self-examination regularly. Since my thoughts and feelings create my experiences, I take readouts from them to examine. I celebrate experiences of connecting and make adjustments to my thoughts and feelings when I encounter unpleasant feelings of separateness. This process ensures that I am constantly expanding. Almost every year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, I take time to reflect on the year. I’ve learned to have fun with these processes.  Now, I can even laugh at my entrenched patterns because I see the foolishness of thinking I’m separate from anyone or anything. 

This year I’m reflecting on loyalty. I’ve attempted being loyal to other people, my career, country, organizations, beliefs and sports teams.  But all these are changeable, as are all things physical, including me. I’ve found that when my loyalty is outwardly focused, it is often divided and goes in different directions. I feel confused, conflicted and frustrated. I’m uncomfortable.

Then I remember that my discomfort is the harbinger of growth. When I openly embrace my discomfort, I no longer fight it or flee from it. I hear an inner voice: “To thine own self be true! Be loyal to your Soul and its purpose to expand your self-awareness.” What does that mean? “It means know yourself, know that you are the embodiment of your Soul. Your Soul is the divine aspect of you that remembers that you are one with all things and you are here to unite spirit and flesh.”

I do my best to answer the Delphic oracle’s call to “Know Thyself.” There’s always something wonderful to explore in my Soul. It knows everything about me, its design for my life and the physical experiences I’m creating along the way. Once I began to answer this call, my loyalty to myself became unwavering. I feel secure knowing that my heart’s fondest desires already exist and I can set intentions for my inner growth in the up coming year. I carry on knowing that I am the meeting place of Heaven and Earth. I am on the Earth but not of it.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I am expanding faster and growing wiser.  To this process I am loyal.


2 thoughts on “Loyalty

  1. Well said Al.
    Experience to Truth unfolds as Wisdom.
    Loyalty as Inner Knowing of who one is, is a natural unfolding.
    Thank you for sharing your insight.


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