I used to set intentions to achieve a goal, like I’m going to be an architect. I expected my goal to manifest exactly as I planned. I also expected it to manifest according to my timetable and match my desired end results – money and respect. Full steam ahead! If I encountered resistance, I powered through it. We all know how well that works.

I expected to have a life-long career as a successful architect because that’s what I intended to do. I received a fabulous education in architecture and urban design and apprenticed for ten years. In my thirties and forties, I built a successful practice conforming to my expectations.

Then, without warning, a life crisis brought me to my knees. My Soul had other plans for me. I protested vigorously. I tried willing my life to yield to my desires and expectations. It had always worked. All my attempts to resist the calling of my Soul’s Design proved futile. Exhausted from the struggle and pain, I had no choice but to surrender. In surrender my Soul spoke, “Your box of expectations allows no space for the Divine. Creator desires to co-create with you. And when you open to co-creation, you will really enjoy the outcome.” Yeah well, we’ll see! 

My Soul spoke again, “Your life will be easier and more fulfilling when you learn the distinction between expectation and expectancy.” It continued, “A pregnant woman experiences expectancy. She doesn’t know exactly what her child will look like, or be like. She loves her child. She is patient, mostly. She allows her child to come into being. Be pregnant in each moment!”

I’m not a woman! Am I supposed to behave like one?

“No, just learn from them! Calm down. Practice breathing like you learned in Lamaze classes when your wife was pregnant. Pace yourself, allow your intentions to unfold naturally.”

So, expectancy is a softer vibration? “Yes,” my Soul said.  “Expectancy is a feeling rather than a mental construct. When you set an intention, ask that it be aligned with your Soul’s Design. It knows what, how and when your intention is to manifest. Maintain calm, happy certainty about the forthcoming birth of your intention. Hold the vision of it as already complete. Love it with all your heart. Sustain an attitude that the end result is the best for all concerned. And practice detachment from a specific outcome.”

Thanks! I can do that. I felt the vibrational distinction of expectancy. It felt like all kinds of cool stuff was about to happen.

A surreal calm came over me. Gone was the frenetic chaos of the worried doer. I felt free from slavery to my forceful will. I don’t have to do anything but stay out of my own way, be my authentic self and allow the Divine to work Its magic. Expectancy is the state of calm absolute certainty that all is well and in order. 

Blessings to all!


3 thoughts on “Expectancy

  1. Nice.
    Eloquently written and expressed Al.
    We must be on a parallel path (again) as this very conscious thought wave has been drifting through for me too.


  2. I love your writings. They are insightful, profound and leave the reader in a space of introspection. Thank you, Al. Beautiful.


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