For several minutes he’d stood rigidly, directly in front of me, attempting to intimidate me with his clinched fists and scowl. Adamantly, he refused to pay my invoice, even though I had delivered the promised architectural drawings illustrating precisely the design he’d requested, on the day and for the fee we’d agreed upon two weeks prior. I remained relaxed. A tingling sensation enveloped my body. It coalesced in my chest where the two sides of my rib cage join. I felt it flow out of me and go in his direction. Immediately and without hesitation or another word he walked over to his desk, wrote a check for the full amount of my invoice, then handed it to me. I thanked him politely, left, then sat in my car amazed at what had just happened.      

A similar phenomenon occurred when refinancing my mortgage. I was aghast at the closing when the agent informed me of her large fee due at signing. I had been led to believe from my mortgage broker that I’d be receiving money.  Feeling my shock, the agent suggested we take a one-hour recess from the closing. I left to recenter myself by tapping into that internal tingling sensation I’d felt in similar challenging situations. When I returned to the closing, the agent informed me that a solution had been reached. With my signature, no funds needed to be exchanged by either party and my refinancing would be complete.  I walked away very grateful.   

These are just two examples of magical unforeseen outcomes among many I’ve experienced when I immerse myself in the vibration of Order. Often, when I mention Order, people tend to react, thinking I’m imposing authority over another or a devious sequencing scheme intended to manipulate events in my favor. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, being in this vibration involves the total honoring of the present circumstances, all concerned and a complete surrender of my ego’s expectations. Being in the vibration of Order occurs by being empty of judgements, expectations and any preconceived outcomes.

  If you’ve spent any time in nature, in the forest, the mountains, or at large bodies of water, you’ve probably experienced this inherent vibration. It’s a calm,  judgment-free emptiness where everything is considered sacred, no matter how it appears. Order frees us from the dictates and demands of our ego’s conditioned reactions. We feel balanced, allowing the fluids of Creation itself to flow through us freely to provide solutions that benefit all. With practice, anyone can summon and immerse themselves in Order. It is native to the open human heart. Order is a prerequisite to the peace we seek. And when practiced in groups, Order establishes a wave, or medium, through which unity consciousness flows to organically dissolve our dichotomies, dualities and illusions of separateness. The original peaceful way of being human emerges, opening unforeseen pathways to manifest the New Earth. 


2 thoughts on “Order

  1. I appreciate your beautiful reflections on life in your blog posts. I admire your dedication to creating the space in your life for such meditations and the articulate and sensitive expression of your insights.


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