It’s fairly common for me to awaken in the morning in the midst of receiving a response from the Universe to some question I’d recently posed. Just waking up, my logical mind has not yet kicked into place to rule my life’s decisions. Logic can inhibit my ability to hear clearly, the answers I’m requesting. I had posed this question: 

What is the purpose of dualistic experiences? 

I’d had more than my share of them, lately.  

So this morning, I awoke with the answer or at least something to consider. The Universe answered with another question. It tends to do that. I’ve gotten used to this process after years of questioning. I’m being encouraged me to apply what I’ve already learned to discover the answers for myself. The Universe is weening me off thinking that it is an external resource and consider that It is an innate resource within myself. So, I heard this question: 

What if the purpose of dualistic (right/wrong) experiences

is not to divide you from another, 

but to light a pathway to remembering Union with another?

I asked: Are you talking about compromise?

I got a clear, NO!

Remember, “In a dualistic world, the opposite is also true.”

Okay then, if I look for truth in both sides of an argument, I expand my self-awareness, my understanding of the other, my compassion which is a form of love in action. That feels unified!

Yes, and? 

‘Expanding,’ I’m aligned with the purpose of the Universe itself. You like to remind me of that! That feels good to me and feeling good about myself is healthy and self-nurturing. 

And? Think more grounded in the practical sense, and more systemically!

Okay! I know it takes two to argue. Even two people make up a system. Each of them have something to learn about themselves from each other and their argument is a vehicle for that process. And the other’s viewpoint is mirroring that which I need to see or acknowledge within myself. If I follow this line of investigation, each dualistic experience is an opportunity to drop my tendency to choose fight or flight (ego) and engage in a process of learning more about myself from the other. Then, I see the other’s view as a gift to embrace rather than a challenger of my rightness. As I look at what’s happening as a mirror, it has me wondering: Am I in some way, arguing or at odds with myself?

Now, don’t you think this a rabbit hole worth exploring?

Dang! Got me again. How do you do that?